Status Update

So I’m currently enjoying my lunch.. Alone. Yeah, I actually like it this way.. Having my coleage sit on one table and have them speak Chinese is just.. Uncomfortable.. Even when they speak in Singlish.. Let’s just say that it doesn’t make much of a difference to me.. >__>
Anw.. I just want to do a quick post to update my current status: I’m finally employed! ♪───O(≧∇≦)O────♪

So last week, on Monday, I got an email from Touche asking whether or not I’m ready to work. Ofcourse I said yes!! And on Tuesday the offer came. The pay is less than the minimum wage but heck.. Like I care.. It’s still a HUGE improvement compared to my last salary!! (^_^)v

The catch though, is that I need to come by Friday. And so my mom searched for the ticket on Wednesday (actually she just contacted the tour agent to find for me) and I’m on the afternoon flight on Thursday.

Luckily, my father’s in Singapore for business, so I actually got to stay at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. v(^_^v)♪ I went swimming at their gorgeous pool that night.. And by swimming I meant dipping in the pool and watching the gorgeous night view of Singapore at 57th floor. I did swim though.. For the length of the pool.. Then, I just stay at the side and stare ibto space.. hahahahaha

Anw, I went straight to work on Friday. And since my dad’s went back that very night, I went to stay at my friend’s place after work.

On weekend I went scouwering for a room to rent and decided on one in Ang Mo Kio area. It’s one MRT stop away from where my office is, which is Bishan, but the place is quite far from the MRT station. I still have to ride a bus and walk to go to the apartment.

The reason I chose that place is simply because it’s the cheapest option available. It got aircon and internet, albeit the crappiness of said facilities. Then, best of all, it only require a 3-month contract!! Meaning I can go after 3 months time. ^__^ The reason why it’s important is because my friend already said that after her current house contract is up, she wanted to move and invited me to move in together with her.

I moved in on Monday and now I’m employed and have a place to stay.. Hahah

Status Update

One thought on “Status Update

  1. WOW THAT WAS QUICK O__O now i know what you meant that it was so fast you hadn’t time to be excited XD that’s such a quick change!!!! haha, wow, you’re my role model!! i wish i have the same courage to make such fast moves when a good chance comes ^_-

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