Secret Garden

A K-drama I finally got around to watch.. Sometime ago.. >___>

Anw, I was impressed of how refreshing the plot is. Ha Jiwon actually played a really interesting character, and ofcourse HyunBin played excellently!

I didn’t know anything about the plot until I actually watched it so the actual “secret garden” came as quite a surprise for me. The whole transformation thingy is quite fun though.. Ha Jiwon gained respect from me for her character here but it decreased again after she stupidly trapped HyunBin in the elevator.. =___=#

I won’t reveal any more of the plot for those of you who haven’t seen it yet. I will just say that I think the plot is very unique and refreshing… I found HyunBin’s character’s logic very refreshing as well… unlike those sappy dramas where the leads just ‘follow their heart’ from the get go, a little logic is just… fun! Hahaha..

About the ending though… I don’t know why, but Koreans always manage to create a weird ending.. In this drama too.. The story’s building up nicely but I just can’t say that I like the ending.. Plain weird..

Secret Garden

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