A movie I just watched. I had no idea what it’s about, since now I never check out the upcoming movie trailers. I mean Bradley Cooper is more than enough reason to watch it, but as it turns out the storyline’s absolutely brilliant too!! ^o^

Bradley Cooper played the role of not-so-bright writer who can’t seem to write a single word.. That is until he met his ex brother in law, who gave him NZT28. A drug that let you have 100% access to your brain’s potential.

It’s such an amazing drug! Kinda reminds me of the intersect in Chuck’s head. I’d so totally use it if it really exist!! ;p

It’s a fun movie to watch, especially since the choice if between that and Pupus and Kentut.. -______-

LOVE the plot and the ending is super fun too~ I totally recommend this!! XDD


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