Wild Honey

Is there a word that describes a meal between lunch and dinner? Don’t think high tea is it though.. It’s more snack than meal.. Right?


Anyway.. Went to Wild Honey for a meal today. It’s a really adorable shop on the 3rd floor of Mandarin Gallery. The interior looks nice and cozy, but since I got the regular wooden chair, I can’t really vouch for it.. Ambiance wise, it’s really good though.. The cafe serves breakfast all day long and that’s just what we’re planning to eat. 😀


I got myself a Belgium breakfast, which is basically waffles. They use roasted mangoes, blueberries, coconut cream, roasted coconut flakes and maple syrup for the topping. Result? Too creamy to eat too much of it.. For that much cream, I think they should’ve used some fresh fruits.. The little blueberries they gave can’t compare to the creaminess of the double use of coconut. I never thought coconut goes well with mangoes, but it actually is. So actually the taste is pretty decent. The problem for me is that it’s way too creamy.

And I had to pick hazelnut coffee for my drink. So yea.. I don’t feel too good after the meal. DD;

Wild Honey

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