Lately I’ve been hooked by this American TV show called NCIS. It’s about a crime fighting team, a genre which is somewhat flourishing now.. We’ve got (all 3) CSIs, Castle, Psych, and I don’t know what else.. Heck, even NCIS has NCIS: LA, which btw I’ve watched way before I started watching NCIS, because everybody were recommending it.
Anw, the ones that I follow were Castle, Leverage and for the occasional gap between episodes of my fave dramas, NCIS: LA. But then a few weeks ago not one title was updated and I was desperately bored, which in the end led to watching NCIS.

To those who don’t yet know, the series is about this federal agency who deals with any crime involving the navy. It especially focuses on one team led by Special Agent Gibbs. The one reason I love this series so much. Of course Abby and Dockie have their charms, but without Gibbs I’m not sure I’ll follow a series already on its 8th season..
Anw I’m enjoying it very much, though I usually watch while cutting or doing something else.. ^_~ Does any of you follow the serries?


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