Going Out

shirt: new look
cardigan: bugis
legging: gift from Linda
boots: new look
bag: mangga dua

What I wore on Wednesday when I went to City Hall area. I left quite late from the apartment (as usual) and arrived around 2.30 and head straight to the first restaurant I see, which is McDonald. Hahaha~

It was after I finished eating that I realize something extremely important! Something I should’ve noticed a long time ago… my bag is broken!! The sling is literally hanging by a thread!!

I was in Cold Storage when the inevitable happened. It just fell down to the floor. LOL~

The picture was taken inside New Look btw. I needed a big mirror to get my boots so I borrowed theirs! Hahaha~ They didn’t really show here though… DD:

There they are… I took this pic coz several ppl asked to see it… Haha~ It’s not like I got boots everyday! ^o^v

Cool right? They’re a belated birthday gift from a friend. ^__~

Going Out

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