ZARA Finds

It was the New Year’s Eve and we wander the malls in City Hall. ZARA has finally started its sale!!First find.

Don’t you think it’s super cute?? It looks really cute and the color is just LOVE!! XDD The pockets are totally a plus, and the top of the back is actually lacy with a big ribbon! So cute! XDD

I didn’t give much thought to it actually. Didn’t know I’d love it much. It’s SGD 59.00 though.. so yea, won’t be buying it! ^__^;;

Second find.

This is the cheap one! LOL~ After the sale it’s only SGD 19.90, so it’s actually quite affordable.

I was quite shocked how good it looks on camera actually. I thought it was pretty ‘usual’ when I wore it. Plus it’s turtleneck, which is a big no no to me. It’s simply too hot!!

Anw, which one you think suits me best?

ZARA Finds

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