Bottle Me The Ocean (About)

For this new story, I think I will write this first. Reason? Simply because right now I’m staying at my friend’s house and I don’t have the story with me to post. ;p
I’m actually writing this with my friend’s new iPad, stealing it in the morning while she’s still asleep in her room.
Anyway, the inspiration for this story is something I ‘found’ during my part-time job in EF. It was a little bottle which I’ve actually posted in my poupee closet a couple of years ago. Dunno where it is now though… LOL~
When I posted it on poupee and had to think of a name for the item, the title came to me ‘Bottle Me The Ocean’. Quite cool, don’t you think? The story came from the title, so yea… It’s pretty close to a fairy tale. The characters are so fairy tale-ish too. The names rare pretty hard though. I’m so not good at naming… >__<;;
I had wanted to write 2 versions, both from the princess and the prince’s point of view, but I totally lack research on the guy’s part.. I know nothing about sailing!! So you just have to enjoy the princess’s side of the story for now…

Bottle Me The Ocean (About)

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