Can’t Lose What You Never Had (about)

Do you enjoy the story?
I made the original Indonesian version during my high school year actually. Back then, it had a different ending. Then in university I had to turn in a story for my English lab class. We were a group of 6, yet no one had any idea what to write about. So I decided to use this story and translate the first half to English, and let my group does the rest. That’s when I decided to change the ending. For someone who has yet to experience love like me, I don’t think I have the right to write of how Charlie’s going to express his feelings to Meg. So I decided to let it hang, even though I don’t really like stories that have the ending hanging like that…
I got the idea of the overall story from a song by Westlife by the same name. See, I was pretty much a fan of the group when I was in High school. For the character, I used one of my high school classmate, rather without her permission actually… Shen was famous for a dog fan and she had 2 dogs – none named Snoopy of course. I named it Snoopy coz I had trouble naming the brother.
After posting it here, I changed the last bit of the story yet again. I found the poem I made among story ideas and was just completely stunned. Just when did I made such cheesy thing? I just decided it’ll be good if I used it for the ending.
Do you like it? Please, please do write down your opinion. I’d be more than happy to hear what you have to say about it, and how I can improve my writing further.
Lastly, thank you very much for reading my story.
Next, I’ll post a story with a fairytale feel to it. ;D

Can’t Lose What You Never Had (about)

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