Can’t Lose What You Never Had (part6)

The Days After

We were pretty much in our little worlds when she ended her story. She was still sobbing a little. I can hear it, but I can’t even bear to look her in the eye.

The one that took us back to reality was Anna’s happy voice calling for Meg from inside her room.

“Meg? Meg, what’s wrong?” she said when she saw us. “Why are you crying?” she added when she saw the tears.

Meg quickly put her hands up to erase her tears.

“Ah, um, it’s my fault,” and so I explained to my sister what happened.

“So to sum it up, you can’t even walk right and now you make a girl cry? What kind of a man are you?” I can’t believe I was scolded by my younger sister.

“It’s not like it was my fault she cried!” I said, before I could stop myself.


I should just die. Really. why can’t I do something as simple as keeping my mouth shut? Worse yet, I can’t even get my brain to produce some sort of excuse for me, all I can do was just stand there like and idiot.

Thankfully, my sister made one for me, “You won’t even take responsibility now?” she said, throwing one of the pillows on the couch at me.

“Here, let me do it,” she grabbed the disinfectant from my hand and kneel in front of Meg and start treating the injuries.

Meg gives me a silent thanks while my sister busied herself the her wound. I answered with a little smile, which she returned.

The rate my heart’s beating right about now would probably develop into some sort of heart disease. Can you learn to control your heart beat?

We were, nonetheless, friends from that day on.

I’m the only one she could talk to about Paul. So even though I’m more than happy to get a frequent call from her, it was all to talk about Paul. Paul this, Paul that. As much fun I’m having from being able to see her again, she’s not making it easy. There’s a limit a guy can take listening about another guy…

It takes about a week for me to know all there’s to know about Paul. From his favorites and least favorites to the mere trivia such as how he likes to eat his eggs – sunny side up with ketchup.

After a while though, she started to come see me with some trivial reasons. We would go to a new restaurant that just opened up or just go to new places we haven’t been before and just… talk. The stupid stuff that happened to us, the restaurants we’ve been to, the delicious food we’ve tasted. We found out that we do have quite a lot of things in common.

We love good coffee so we always hang out at a cafe, tasting all different kinds of coffees. We love reading fantasy books and so we talked about them a lot. Those are the times I can truly enjoy spending time with her. Even though deep down inside I know that she’s in love with another man, I can’t help but be more and more attracted to her.

I used to think that love at first sight is in no way possible. But now I’m actually experiencing it. It was just like two opposite polars of a magnet that can’t help but be attracted to each other. The closer they get, the stronger the pull.

Can’t Lose What You Never Had (part6)

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