Can’t Lose What You Never Had (part4)

Uh Oh.

I don’t understand why I feel annoyed hearing all those words coming out from her mouth… I mean, how can she know those little details? And why would she defend him so much? I had so many things stirred up in my head I feel very frustrated.

But I was nevertheless grateful as it stopped Anna’s crying. “Now why don’t you call him?” she said, smiling sincerely. Her smile can definitely melt an iceberg. I know that because I can feel one inside me melt right now.

Anna followed her advice and call Paul. She sits next to my sister through the first half of the call, encouraging her to talk to Paul, but she leaves the room immediately after hearing them make up. I followed her out of the room, out of curiosity mostly. But she was wounded… because of me… so I’m obliged to. Right?

Not a few steps further than after she left the room, she fell on her knees. I automatically helped her to stand up and helped her go to the sofa nearby. Then I went and get the first aid kit and started to treat her bruises. “Ouch! That hurts…” she said when I put the disinfectant on the bruise on her knee. “Sorry,” I said. I was focusing to be more gentle when I felt water fell on my hands.

Eh? Water?

I look up and found tears in her eyes. “Ah, um… sorry,” I said stiffly. It’s not like I’m not used to seeing a girl cry. I’ve seen my sister cried over Paul a million times already, but somehow seeing her tears made my mind goes blank. I don’t even know what to do.

She was stunned for a second before realizing what I’m talking about, making me think that the tears wasn’t voluntary at all.

“Ye-yeah… it hurts a lot…” she said, hurriedly wiping off her tears.

“You know what… you’re not so good at lying,” I said, sitting in front of her. She laughs slightly. “Just tell me, it’ll make you feel better. Besides, I’m used to listening to Anna’s problems,” I said softly. It seems that it took all her self control to not cry her heart out five seconds ago.

She told me her story. A story that I don’t really want to hear at all. A story that squeezed my heart so tight I can barely breathe.

Can’t Lose What You Never Had (part4)

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