Can’t Lose What You Never Had (part3)

My Sister, The Drama Queen

I walk as fast as I can, almost running, to my sister’s room, still holding Meg in my arm.

“Anna! What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly when I come bursting through the door. The room is a mess. Tissues are everywhere. Anna herself is curling on her bed, looking really miserable.

“Anna!” Meg and I shouted.

Anna immediately stands up and hugs Meg. Meg then immediately asks her about what caused the sadness while holding her in her arms. Meg comforts her and says softly, “What’s the matter? You’re having a fight with Paul again?” Meg then slowly takes Anna to her bed, of course with my help, since Meg still can’t walk very well.

She must have guessed right to the point because Anna’s crying becomes louder.

“For God’s sake! If you two don’t match, why still force it? What did he do to you this time?” I said spontaneously. Meg immediately shot an angry look at me.

“You all right?” she said to Anna.

“I can’t believe he did that,”

“He who? Paul? Paul did what?” asks Meg, still with her calming voice.

“He… he… another girl…” was the only words that I can make out coming from Anna’s mouth. After that, Anna cries even more.

I was shocked. But what surprised is the fact that Meg looks really shocked. I can’t explain it, but to me she looks like she’s over reacting somehow. She can’t even say something for a while.

“He – he – it’s impossible for him to have cheated on you…” said Meg, though I think she’s saying it more to herself than to Anna.

How can she be so surprised?

I’m bored hearing Anna’s “stories” about Paul. Uncaring… insensitive… I can’t even remember what else… I heard too much of him that I’m not at all surprised knowing he cheated on my sis. On the other hand, I don’t know why I’m so curious about this girl called Margaret…

“He… he… how do you know?” Meg asked. I sense a bit of panic in her voice.

“I caught them red handed… he was walking Maria home,” said Anna.

“Maria? She was the girl that came here the other day right? I thought she was your best friend?” I ask without thinking. As a result, Meg stares at me again.

“When I asked him why he’s with Maria, he didn’t even answer!!” Anna continues. “He’s, he’s going to leave me… I don’t know what to do anymore…” she said through her sobs.

“Oh my God, he’s not the only guy in this world, you know?! There are still plenty of good guys out there… you don’t have to cry every time you fight with that Paul guy! Try to be strong for once!” I said again without much thinking, which makes Meg look at me with much intensity that makes me dumbfounded.

“Just shut up will you?!” Meg yelled at me. I dare not say another word.

“He doesn’t love me…” said Anna. I’m not sure of what’s going on, but Meg suddenly become so angry.

“Anna! You have to trust your own boyfriend! How can you go on if you don’t give him even the slightest faith? Maybe you don’t notice it, but when Heather got an accident and you’re on your lowest is it not him that cheers you up? Even on the bus he sits beside you and makes those funny faces so you can laugh. Remember when she’s in the ICU? You ran out ‘coz you can’t stand it right? Don’t you remember who cheer you up then? Him! Paul! He’s the one who sit beside you, lending his shoulders for you to cry on! Maybe you just don’t realize it ‘coz you have a lot of attention from everybody, it’s a usual thing for you… but he really care about you… he may not be very good at saying it… but… remember those little things! Love can be said from the things he’s done you know, not just what he’s said. He loves you very much. He wouldn’t have dared to cheat on you…” I found myself amazed at the strength that little body holds. She didn’t seem to even bother taking a breath the whole way through.

Can’t Lose What You Never Had (part3)

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