Can’t Lose What You Never Had

The Meeting

“Watch out!” screamed someone from my back.

It was just then I see it… a speeding vehicle heading right towards me. The driver must have noticed my presence now for he’s trying to stop the car, but it’s too late. I can feel it. It won’t stop before it hit me… and that fear keeps my feet rooted to the spot.

Just when I think it’s all over, I felt my body pushed towards the side-walk.

“Are you trying to kill yourself?!” shouted the truck driver to the two now lying on the sidewalk. “Are you OK?” ask the guy who helped me, which turn out to be no guy at all. It was a girl who saved my life. And a pretty one too.

“I’m fine, thank you… thank you for saving my life,” I answered. Ruff! Ruff! Snoopy, the dog has suddenly appeared in front of me and starts to lick my face. “Stop it!” I said while trying to stand up.

The girl just sits still in her place, not making any attempt to stand up.

Luckily I only wear ugly looking jeans, so the damage wasn’t much. “Thank you very much yet again,” I said again. Automatically, I reach out my hand to help her to stand up. “Thanks,” she said while holding my hand.

All I can think of is WOW! This girl’s cute!

She has a nice long black hair which she let loose. It’s the kind of hair which men wants to run their hands through. That, paired with the pair of warm brown eyes that was looking at my direction what enough to make my heart skip a beat.

She suddenly fell towards me and…


Apparently, she twisted her ankle, not to mention the bruises all over her legs… as a man, I can’t just leave her here like that. I feel the obligation of getting her to her house or where ever she’s heading to, or at least put some medicine on her bruises. She did get those bruises because of me… well, that and because she’s cute.

Can’t Lose What You Never Had

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