One Click That Started It All

So one day, namely 2 nights ago, I stumbled to some really interesting sites. The intention wasn’t that pure however. I stumbled upon this article stating that Indonesian star Dewi Persik was on another topless scandal. That was why i got curious and went straight to Google and searched for the alleged pictures.

So instead of looking at the original search purpose I got hooked on this one pic of celeb, naming Britney Spears, going topless in a garden. Yea… Not gonna give out links now… ;p

Anw, from that site, there were links to lots of interesting sites.

The first ‘interesting’ content I found was this. WARNING: though not really topless, those images are a bit… >___> anw… I was just shocked to see such thing… To see those HUGE things made me speechless… guys who likes girls like that are just sick… =____=|||

Then there’s this. Poor dogs… :(( You may found those pics disturbing)

After a tough day, do see this. It’s just LOL!! If you’re thinking of getting drunk, check this out first. Must prevent that from happening~ ;p For a good laugh, click here. To think those pics are really published is just LOL!! Oh, there’s also this… amateurs who happened to take a snap at the exact moment~

If you happen to like Japan, you gotta see this. The lady with the pump-it-yourself-seat just got me. LOL!!

Dance lovers gotta see this. My personal favorite is no.8. Only recognize a few dancers though… Adam a.k.a Moose from Step Up 3D (AWESOME movie btw), and Legacy from So You Think You Can Dance, and Adam Shankman, a judge from the same TV show.

Photography lovers must see this. Gorgeous pics, don’t you think? :DD There’s also this. Gorgeous ain’t it? XDD The photographers are pure genius I think, to be able to capture such moments…

This I’m just jealous for the face… Gosh, I feel so defeated… =___=

For some creative juice check this out. Great advertisements are always fun to see!! And these are just creative~ Oh, I also found this, which I think is really really innovative & creative. 😀

Finally, for those who loves arts, check this out. The artist is pure genius!! :DD There’s also this and this. 3D art are just amazing to look at!! The later link – the only weakness is that the artist took inspiration from legends, which is probably the only reason you’d know they’re just drawings… There’s also AWESOME business card designs who might be an inspiration – if you have the budget that is… ^__^

And if those are not enough entertainment, you can always click on the links provided on every site. 😀

One Click That Started It All

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