Day 01 – London

Hiya guys!

Just came back from my U.K. trip. Will now post the pics I took. I must’ve took more than 1000 pics during my trip. LOL~

First day I just went around the Piccadilly Circus area.

The famous billboard, the cupid statue, Ripley’s Building.

So you can actually pay to take pics with those kids.

Those punk kids actually bring this sign around saying something like ‘Ask to Take Pictures’.

See the guy in striped jumper?

I like that kind of preppy look. ;D Plus he looks cool in that pose! ;p

Look at her pin collection!! 8DD

We walked to Hard Rock Cafe and along the way, we went to this narrow walkway, Princes Arcade. There’s pretty lil’ shops in there.

Pretty isn’t it?

Costume Shop. Cool costumes don’t you think?

I got my first buy, a Hard Rock Couture shirt. Super cool. Haven’t taken a pic of of yet though.

Oh, there’s this super cool (and green) hotel near Hard Rock.

Very green don’t you think? ;p

Anw, I totally forgot to take any pic of the Hard Rock Cafe itself… D; But I did snap the doorman of the hotel.

Very… British don’t you think?

After that, we head to Chinatown to eat dinner.

Can’t even remember why I took this pic… LOL

See lots of different ppl there…

Even a girl with red hair…

Never seen that one before… ;p

There’s also a guy with a glass of beer walking around.

I don’t get this… do pubs allow their customers walking around with their glass? Or even crazy, the guy brings his own glass from home so he would be able to walk around?

Anyone know? Please do enlighten me…

Anw, so sorry for the blurry pics, all are purely candid… >__<;;

Day 01 – London

One thought on “Day 01 – London

  1. Wow the Princes Arcade looked really pretty!!
    Haha what? I don’t understand either why the guy walked around with a glass of beer. It’s definitely not a european thing XD In sweden you can even get a fine for walking around with alcohol in public XD

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